Diverse areas and application

You have the ideas, we have the technology and the know-how – together we can implement your project successfully and purposefully. Phoenix Mecano's powerful and innovative technology can be flexibly integrated into different applications, while still satisfying all challenges and environmental conditions. Our components can be easily installed in agricultural machinery, marine applications, public transport (such as trams) and industrial production. These reliable products can either be planned for during development and construction or easily retrofitted into existing applications at a later date. No matter what your industry is, by taking advantage of our technology, you benefit from an intelligent communication system and features such as synchronization and precise positioning.


Marine and Offshore technology

Offshore and marine applications require very robust, watertight and powerful components that contain reliable technology. Our linear drives, control keypads, housings and connection technology can be used for many applications in yachts, light sail boats, cruise ships and container ships, thanks to their high IP protection class, sturdy construction and powerful performance.

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Manufacturing Production

In industrial production, it is not only extreme precision and the ability to handle special motion profiles that are critical. The safety and durability of the individual components also play a very important role. Mechanical components (such as linear drives, control and operating units, calibration systems and housings) from Phoenix Mecano can be easily integrated into complex production machines.

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Especially in medical applications, safety, cleanliness and reliability are fundamental for protecting both patients and staff. Whether it is linear drives, mobile ultrasound devices or touch screens – the innovative technology from Phoenix Mecano is ideally suited for many medical applications.

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Public Transportation

Whether it is GPS tracking, position monitoring, protective housings for electronics, or drive technology for opening and closing – Phoenix Mecano components can be used for countless local and long-distance public transport applications. They are used, for example, in city buses, trams, underground trains and passenger trains.

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Agricultural Machinery

Dust, humidity, heat and cold create extreme conditions for machines, vehicles and components in agricultural applications. To guarantee the longevity and reliable functionality of the applications, Phoenix Mecano's robust and intelligent components are capable of withstanding precisely these challenges.

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Special Vehicles

Phoenix Mecano offers a wide portfolio of equipment and upgrades for disabled vehicles that make life easier for people with special needs. Our reliable drive technology is ideally suited for smoothly moving access ramps, while our housings and operating modules enable this technology to be handled simply and safely.

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Hotel reception

Height adjustable solutions can be integrated in shops and hotels to ensure a safe and comfortable work environment for the employees. Poor ergonomics may lead to less efficiency and damages to the body which is avoidable with the correct tools. With our broad range of actuators and lifting columns, we can help you find the most suitable lifting device for your application whether it is a simpler cashier desk or a high-end conference table.

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Outstanding flexibility – an overview of the applications

  • Agricultural technology (in machinery and equipment)
  • Mobile off-highway (construction machinery and transport)
  • Mechanical engineering (machinery, vehicle and facility construction)
  • Automation technology (robot accessories, production facilities and logistics)
  • Industrial automation (manufacturing facilities and systems)
  • Forest technology (machinery and equipment)
  • Medical technology (tables, pendants, imaging accessories)
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