Phoenix Mecano – About us

We stand for customer focus, quality, competence and continuity

Phoenix Mecano AB has been the equivalence of customer focus, quality, competence and continuity since we started up in 1999 in Scandinavia.
We started our operations under the name of OKIN Scandinavia AB in the city of Ingelstad in the county of Småland in southern Sweden. Our headquarters and warehouse are still located in Ingelstad, but we also have offices in Uppsala, outside Stockholm, and via our sister company Phoenix Mecano ApS in Danish cities Odense and Sönderborg.

Initially the product portfolio comprised only actuator systems from German manufacturer OKIN. Today we also offer Dewert actuators for medical applications, RK Rose+Krieger actuators, lifting columns, profile systems and linear units for industrial applications, as well as Bopla and Rose enclosures and membrane keypads for the Danish market. We are since 2009 a daughter company within the Swiss Phoenix Mecano company group. The Phoenix Mecano share is traded on the Zürich stock exchange and the company group had a turnover of 628 million Euro in 2017, employing 6 700 persons all over the world.

Our belonging to the Phoenix Mecano group guarantees a solid base and excellent preconditions for achieving our goal of continued growth, and remaining a trusted and valuable partner for our customers.