Phoenix Mecano AB – About us

Phoenix Mecano AB has been the equivalence of customer focus, quality, competence and continuity since we started up in 1999 in Scandinavia. We started our operations under the name OKIN Scandinavia AB in Ingelstad, Sweden, and became a daughter company of the Swiss Phoenix Mecano company group in 2009. In June 2021, Phoenix Mecano acquired X2 Technology AB and all activities related to industrial and medical applications were gathered under one roof.

Today we are located in Växjö, Sweden, where we produce the X2 Technology lifting columns, and also act as a sales partner for the RK Rose+Krieger and Linear Solution products.

With our competent service team and in-house engineers, we strive to find the best customized solutions to move your business forward. Our belonging to the Phoenix Mecano group guarantees a solid base and excellent preconditions for achieving our goals of continued growth, while remaining a trusted and valuable partner for our customers.


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